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Real estate. It’s business, communication, design, marketing, and more. Real estate is an art.


Daniel became a real estate agent in Los Angeles at the young age of eighteen, over a decade ago. "It was the great recession," he recalls with a smile and thoughtful eyes. "Real estate agents were running out of the office, when I was walking in. They said I was crazy, that no one was going to sell with me. That I was too young and the market too bad." But through hard work, knowledge, and honesty he thrived, guiding his clients through the complicated transactions unique to the times. "I've seen worse," he's now able to say.


To some around the world, Daniel is better known as the founder of Creativum, a project with a social cause that he founded during a three-year sabbatical, in which he traveled the world alone, on a budget, with a small backpack and a camera. As a result of his eccentric entrepreneurial accomplishments during this adventure, he has been published in newspapers across the American continent, made television appearances, been a guest speaker at several universities, and given two TEDx talks. He is currently authoring a book about his travels. Among other things, Daniel has also been an administrative, sales, and marketing consultant to small businesses.


In the end, it's the combination of his extensive entrepreneurial experience and his unique life experiences that today make him a different kind of Realtor: a true artist for the art of real estate.


-michael plesner, a random writer, 2017

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