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                -THE ARTIST OF REAL ESTATE


If what followed was the marketing plan for your property, you would be advised to run for the hills, far away from me, because I would not be qualified to sell your property. Thankfully, this is not the case. My marketing plan for your property is not a template, something passed down from corporate to equip the inexperienced. My marketing plan for your property will be tailored.

As your agent, I will study your property in depth, extract the best from it, and create a custom marketing plan that showcases it in the best possible light, with the goal of bringing you the highest amount of money.


Below are a few of the tools I will use or consider in creating a marketing plan for your property.

The costs of these are included in my fee , unless otherwise stated.


Features in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and television are a fantastic way to increase the exposure and value of a property. I have experience in reaching out and successfully attaining press and media attention for myself and various causes throughout the American continent. I've learned how to use the buzz words and craft the stories that are likely to interest the media. If during my study of your property, I find something I can use, I will pitch it to the media.


Directly and through association, words and writing can heavily influence a consumer’s perception of value. Bad writing and grammatical errors in property descriptions and fliers can negatively affect how people view a property. For this reason, I work with a professional editor on the content for my listings. Beyond grammar, we also work on flow, structure, and more.


Virtual staging is a great way of selling the potential of a property, without spending nearly as much. A picture of an empty or cluttered room is taken and then furniture is digitally removed or added to enhance the space and offer buyers an image of the possibilities. SAMPLE


Great packaging increases value and sells products. Marketers know this. And while we can't put your property in pretty packaging, we can decorate it with a custom website. A personal website also offers a great space to communicate your property's value with focus. SAMPLE


A picture is worth a thousand words—this is true whether the picture is good or bad. While I don't typically take the pictures of my listings, I have experience in photography and can work closely with the photographer to combine our expertise and ensure that all thousand words speak highly of your property.

While photos still get more hits than videos on property listings, at times only video can do a property's features justice. In which case, a professional videographer will be brought in.


Great marketing makes value readily visible. When the occasion calls for it, a 3D floor plan is an excellent way to present a property's characteristics in a way that is easy for the consumer to appreciate. SAMPLE


This is more than just 3D. This tool let's potential buyers move through a property, on their computer or phone screen, as if they were actually walking through it. SAMPLE


This is a must. Using the internet and social media, I will expose your property to the world. Anyone with internet access will have access to your listing. It will be featured on all the major real estate search websites. Additionally, I will use strategic social media ads to get your listings in front of the people most likely to buy. 


Call me old school, but I believe print still has a place in marketing. Used correctly, print is a great complement to digital marketing. It can get into places that digital can't. For example, it is an effective way to target specific residents in a neighborhood, on a block, or at a certain address. High-quality print, through association, can add to a property's perceived value. A flier on shabby office paper will do the opposite.  


There are two options here. The first is included; the other is at your expense. The first consists of you and I getting together and working on the presentation of your property so it shows well on photo and in person. For this, I am proud to say I hold an interior design diploma from the Interior Design Institute. I might suggest rearranging furniture, painting certain things, or making repairs. Done properly, minimal effort here can reap huge returns. For the second option, I can refer you to a great professional home stager who can bring in new furniture and décor


This is a great tool for vacant land or tear-downs, where seeing the potential might be difficult. In these situations most of the value is in the potential. To not sell that potential is to sell at a loss. SAMPLE


I work closely with an in-house graphic designer who uses the most up-to-date design software to create marketing material that sells. Tactful attention is given to factors like typography, layout, color palette, and more. We understand that design is another way of telling your property's story, and strive to make it the best story possible.


RealVitalize is an exclusive offering for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage clients that helps with home improvements and repairs to prep your home for sale. We cover your upfront costs and get paid back when your home sells. No hidden fees, interest charges or markups. 

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