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It's me, Daniel, writing to you—this is not some overused, prefabricated marketing template. Welcome.


Let’s get to it. If you choose to start a relationship with me, we’ll work at your pace. Maybe you’re unsure about the whole selling thing—it will be my pleasure to help you decide if it makes sense right now or not. Or maybe you’re sure and your property needed to have been sold yesterday, in which case I will come up with an effective marketing plan to get it sold asap. Wherever you are in the process, you can expect a straight-up, no-gimmicks, honest service.


In our relationship, my role will be not only to get your home sold in the least amount of time for the highest amount of money, but also to knowledgeably guide you, as a Realtor (not an attorney), through the disclosure, financial, and legalese-infested pool of paperwork that accompanies the sale of a property. We will go over all the documents together, ensuring you understand everything before signing on the dotted line. I will make you aware of any red flags, and help you comply with state and federal disclosures. I will guide you through the transaction in a way that maximizes your profit while reducing your liability. I can go on about what I bring to the table, but let’s get to know each other first. What do you say?



Call me, email me, or send notice via a carrier pigeon—whatever works for you. We can then set an appointment to meet up in person, or go over any questions you might have over the phone first (as you wish).


We’ll meet in person and take a look at your property. Together, as a team, we will identify a listing price, taking into consideration your needs, the unique features of the property, market research, and other factors. I will give you a breakdown of the numbers, share my marketing plan, provide you with any pertinent information, and answer any questions you might have.


In the end, you might decide you don’t want to sell, or that you do, but just not with me (either one is fine). At this point, your consideration alone is already appreciated. Similarly, you might decide you do want to sell, and that you wouldn’t want to sell with anyone else but me. At this point, we will sign an exclusive listing agreement, we’ll shake hands, and I’ll get to work finding a buyer. Click here for a sample agreement.




How much do you charge?

It depends on the complexity of the sale, the sales price, and other factors, but typically between 4.5% and 7% of the sales price. Half of this percentage goes to covering the buyer's representation services, as is typical in California and throughout the country. It's worth noting that the market has generally already accounted for this fee, and it is typically already built into your property's market value.

What's a Realtor, and are you one?

Not all real estate agents are Realtors. Being a Realtor means being a member of the National Association of Realtors and adhering to the REALTOR Code of Ethics. And yes, I am  Realtor, a member of both the National and California Association of Realtors. This membership brings many benefits that are passed down to my clients, like access to legal counsel and valuable trade information. 

Are you a full-time real estate agent?

Yes. And it is worth noting that not all agents are. Some are in it for a quick, and occasional, side buck. Unfortunately, this often comes at the cost of quality service to their clients. As a full-time agent, I am constantly researching, studying, and practicing real estate, watching trends and developing skills to the benefit of my clients. 

For answers to other questions, contact me or check out the blog.

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