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Playa Vista Residents, You May Be Overpaying on Your Mello-Roos Tax

I recently closed a transaction at The Metro in Playa Vista, representing the buyer. During our inspection period, we did a thorough investigation and noticed that the Mello-Roos tax amount for this unit didn’t make sense. It was wrong. Many years and multiple changes of ownership, and no one had ever noticed they were being overcharged.

The unit was being assessed the Mello-Roos tax as if it were 1,850+ square feet, when all sources we investigated showed that it was about 1,670. We appealed and won. The Mello-Roos was reduced from $3,742 a year to $2,975. That’s a $767 difference, a good chunk of money.

So how can you find out if you’re overpaying?

1. Determine your unit’s registered square footage. Tax records with the County Assessor's Office are one source. To visit the county assessor’s property information portal, click here.

2. Determine your current Mello-Roos charge. It will show up on your recent property tax bill, under item “Playa Vista CFD4.” If you can't find your tax bill, or you lost it, you can request a new one here.

3. Your Mello-Roos rate is based on your unit’s square footage, so cross-check your existing square footage and Mello-Roos tax charge with the corresponding rates on the chart below. What you pay is the amount under “Actual Special Tax,” estimated.

4. If things don’t make sense, contact DTA and communicate your concerns, asking for an explanation. This is the firm administering the Mello-Roos in Playa Vista. Click here for their website. Your appeal will be with them.

The above is just a starting point. If you have any questions, or want to know in detail how we dealt with the discrepancy, feel free to contact me at



About the Writer: Daniel Rangel is a real estate agent. "I love doing these interviews. Aside from fun, they give me access to knowledge, which I pass down to my clients.


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