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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Los Angeles, get ready to say goodbye to natural gas in your home. That $10,000, professional-grade, gas-shooting Viking stove you’ve been working so hard to save for—change of plans! Natural gas appliances may soon be illegal.

Why? Climate change, that’s why.

Governments around the world have been taking steps to combat climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And in the US, California is leading the way with an updated goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 1990 levels, by the year 2030.

Till now, most of the attention was on transportation, manufacturing, and the generation of electrical power. And a lot has been accomplished. California announced that greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by about 13% since they peaked in 2004. But to meet the new, more ambitious goal, focus has shifted to include residential and commercial buildings, specifically, their use of natural gas. This covers stoves, water heaters, and heating systems.

Cities throughout California and the US are having hard conversations on the topic. Many cities, including West Hollywood and Santa Monica, have already implemented steps to make the switch. And the City of Berkley, has already banned natural gas in new construction.

As for the $10,000, professional-grade stove you want, I think you’ll get a few years’ use if you choose to buy it. I think cities are probably going to start with bans on new construction, then offer tax incentives to those who switch (like they’ve done with cars and solar panels), before straight-out banning natural gas.

But if you want to do good, fight climate change, it’s never too early to switch from gas to electric. And if you’re like some, concerned about letting go of the familiarity of your gas stove, look into inductions stoves. They’re significantly more energy efficient than gas. You can turn an induction stove on, full blast, put your hand on it, and not get burned; meanwhile, it will boil water several minutes faster than your typical stove. Something to think about.



About the Writer: Daniel Rangel is a real estate agent in Los Angeles, servicing residential and residential income property.


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