• Daniel Rangel

What Are People Looking for in a Los Angeles Home?


Los Angeles is a lot of people’s ideal destination. The weather, the shopping, the proximity to Hollywood – but living here doesn’t come cheap, so home buyers have a long list of priorities, must-haves, and expectations from a home in L.A. So, what, exactly, are people looking for in a Los Angeles home?

Price affordability

We’ve all read the news, the writing is on the wall: California, and Los Angeles, in particular, is becoming prohibitively expensive for a lot of people, prompting them to move away to similarly sunny, but more affordable locations.

It’s no wonder that with a cost of living index of 173/100, with housing being particularly expensive, the #1 priority on people’s lists is affordability. A great home in L.A. is one that you can afford to live in, whether it’s owning or renting. Oftentimes, that means you have to live further away from the city.

However, giving up on some of the convenience and excitement of the city can buy you more space, comfort, and financial stability.

Sustainable comfort

The second thing on any local’s list is a comfortable environment. Especially with so much time spent at home lately, homeowners want to be able to relax properly in the comfort of their own abode.

For that purpose, people are fond of their modern appliances and smart, sustainable devices. And for the price of a Los Angeles home, buyers have come to expect basics like high-speed fiber internet, or smart speakers for their home.

Smart doorbells, fridges, cameras, TVs, coffee makers, lawn mowers, and especially air conditioning are super popular, not only because they streamline home maintenance and household chores and give you more time to spend with your loved ones, but because they save energy. Better for the planet, better for the wallet.

Outdoor glamour

Everyone who’s moving to Los Angeles is looking for a little bit of glamour, even if it’s in the small things, and that goes for their homes, too. In L.A., that can mean living close to a millionaire celebrity neighborhood, or having luxurious, state of the art furniture, art, and appliances.

But most of all, the glamour of living in Los Angeles is all about the outdoor lifestyle. With the weather being so sought after, it’s no surprise that people are willing to pay good money to be able to enjoy it.

Homes that have generous outdoor amenities like pools, barbecues, and even outdoor kitchens, that allow you to enjoy the sunshine and make your backyard an extension of your living space are extremely popular. Indoor-outdoor living is a major trend this year, and Los Angeles is the perfect place to dabble in it.


Property in sunny Los Angeles doesn’t come cheap – so buyers’ expectations are up to par. People are looking for affordability, more than anything, but with an injection of luxury and glamour. Whether that’s a pool in the backyard, a smart TV, or environmentally sustainable options like electric appliances, buyers are trying to get the best their money can buy.

This post was contributed by a guest reader. Not authored by Daniel Rangel.