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10% of my net commission goes to a social cause of your choice, under your name, for your tax benefit. 


I was fortunate to travel the world and learn and see what travel has to teach—or what it had to teach me. In this journey, I was exposed to a wealth of culture and rich landscapes, but also to social, economic, and environmental poverty and misfortune. I met and learned from the homeless in the big cities of the USA, the marginalized in the favelas of Central America, conservationists in the Amazon River, and many others. Touched, inspired, and humbled by this experience, I have since been trying to give back, to repay the debt of an amazing, three-year travel adventure. In my real estate career, this means 10% of my net commission from each sale goes to support a social cause of your choice from the participating partners below. Unlike similar offers by others, this donation will be made under your name, for you, not me, to deduct from your taxes, if applicable.


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